Self portrait. London, 2021.
Linda Schailon wearing Sprinkle. Milan, 2009

Linda Schailon is an Italian Visual Artist and Eco Designer based in London. 

She was born in an artistic family in Southern Italy and she began to draw from a young age. Also, she loved to make her own toys with pieces of wood, paper, and plastic; this eventually led to a degree in Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan where she specialized in Fashion. 

Linda founded her own studio in 2009 and she started to develop innovative designs – such as Sprinkle, the wearable plant dress, or Flow, the eco-jewelry collection- being environmental issues at the center of her interests. The same year she founded Ecopink, a women-focused exhibition, which put together significant examples of crafts made recycling industrial waste. For her commitment to ethical and eco-sustainable topics, in 2012 she received the International Award “A Mimosa for the Environment”.

After years spent collaborating with Design brands, Visual Art Studios, and directing eco-events in Italy and aboard, in 2014 she moved to the UK focusing mainly on Visual Art, including Photography. She began to create illustrations and surface designs primarily for Home décor and Apparel products.

Linda’s artwork is inspired by artists as Josaku Maeda, Nicholas Roerich, and Hilma af Kilint so her style is recognizable in the use of abstract shapes and mandala. Linda is fascinated by Geometry and her artistic research is to create “harmony” between shapes and colors in their infinite evolutions. 

Main collaborations

Oxford Fashion Week (London), Vincenzo Dascanio (Milan), Urban Green Addictlab (Belgium), Festival écologique Mon’Ecolo (Paris), Studio Azzurro (Milan), Atelier Mendini (Milan), Gino Finizio Design Management (Milan).


Articiclo, Arti & Mestieri Expo, Fiera di Roma, Rome 2012

Ecologicamente Rosa, Reggia di Caserta, Palazzo Reale, 2012

Art-ecò, Ex Macello, Aversa 2011

EcoFashion LAB, Blend Tower, Milano 2011

Jury member

Articiclo, Arti & Mestieri Expo, Fiera di Roma, Rome 2012

EcoFashion LAB, Blend Tower, Milan 2011


International Award “A Mimosa for the Environment” 22nd edition, Palazzo Soragna, Parma 2012

Henkel S.p.A. Restyiling design, Polytechnic University, Milan 2005

Pupil Award, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Caserta 2001


Master Degree in Fashion/Apparel Design
Bachelor in Industrial & Product Design